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Hata bildir 25 Kasım 2019 | merve_mutlu tarafından eklendi.

Azize Episode 2 Trailer - 2 is streaming! Kartal and Azize come against each other! Because of the dreadful events Azize has experienced in The Alpans house, she tries to run away. However, Kartal doesn't intend to let her go. He thinks Azize has a hand in what happened to Balkan somehow. On the other hand, Yıldız foresees what might happen and she warns Azize about Kartal! She tells her that she needs to be more convincing in order to make Kartal believe in her. Meanwhile, the tension increases between Tuna and Yildiz. Kartal finally catches Azize after chasing her. He has lots of questions to ask her. But the most important one is about Balkan. Azize gets herself to pull the trigger against Kartal at last, yet she gets an unexpected reaction. Kartal doesn't take offense at dying at the hands of an angel who saved him before. Azize is astounded by this reaction! What is next for Kartal and Azize? Azize returns on Tuesday at 20.00 on Kanal D!

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