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Hata bildir 12 Kasım 2019 | merve_mutlu tarafından eklendi.

Zalim İstanbul 19th Episode Trailer is streaming! Nedim launches his revenge plan! With Nedim’s arrival, roles change in the mansion! Those who are afraid of Nedim's revenge come out one by one. And Nedim wants to get back at the ones who have made him suffer throughout the years. He starts his revenge plan with Ceren! Even though Cenk says that he is not intimidated by what he will go through, he can’t help but get terrified. However, Seniz creates a shield for herself as always. She thinks that everything will settle if Nedim and Agah turn against each other! Zalim İstanbul is on Kanal D with its new episode on 18 November Monday at 20.00!

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